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Imagine Having a Dream Team of
Coaching Experts in Your Corner…

That’s what’s waiting for you inside
The Confident Coach Community…

  • You could grow your business faster.
  • You could do it with far more ease and confidence.
  • And you could avoid costly mistakes.

Do you know the phrase “I might not know the answer, but I know where to find it?”

Often, having a place to go for answers is worth more than just having the answers alone.

And when you have mentors or experienced coaches who have the answers – even when you don’t know which questions to ask? That’s priceless.

Whenever you’re stuck or need ideas, you could just ask your dream team of experts… and they would draw upon their years of experience and success to give you the best advice.

Well, fortunately this kind of direct access to top coaches is available to you, right now.

Introducing: The Confident Coach Community.

What Is The Confident Coach Community?

The Confident Coach Community is a private membership program that will help you grow your coaching business on an ongoing basis. And with direct access to top coaching experts, you’ll not only reach your goals faster, you’ll do it with a lot more confidence.

When you join The Community, you will be able to:

Join 6 live open Q&A group calls a month. 3 monthly Ignite Your Power Breakthrough Calls on Mondays and 3 monthly Business Accelerator calls on Tuesdays. During the calls, you’ll cover topics like relationship building, attracting clients, business systems, using storytelling to grow your brand, and more!

Learn from top thought leaders in the coaching and business industry, like Margaret Lynch Raniere of The Tapping Solution, Heather E. Wilson, Director of Education at Mirasee, Melinda Cohan of The Coaches Console, Lisa Bloom of The Story Coach, and many more…

Enjoy access to an exclusive members-only Confident Coach Slack community, where you can chat with Heather, her team and other driven coaches who are growing their practices – just like you!

Be able to ask your question to any of our experts – and get an answer that's specific to you and your business...

Surround yourself with an empowering community for coaches, to motivate you, build up your confidence, and help you take action on your business goals…

…and much more!


The Confident Coach Community is a little different from other membership programs. There’s no course outline to follow, and no prep needed before the sessions. Instead, they’re all focused on specific challenges you need to overcome for a successful business. So, no matter where you are in your business journey, no matter what you’ve done (or not done), you’ll never feel out of place, or behind.

And with our private Slack group, the community (experts and business owners alike) will get you the answers you need, when you need them.

And right now you can join The Confident Coach Community for only

$925/year – that’s just $2.53 per day!

Plus, when you join today, you’ll get to lock in that price for as long as you’re a member… which makes right now the best time to join!


The Confident Coach
Community Monthly

  • Monthly Membership
  • $97/month

The Confident Coach
Community yearly

  • Yearly Membership
  • $925/year

Meet the coaches behind
The Confident Coach Community:

Who is Margaret Lynch Raniere?

After 18 years of engineering management and winning top sales awards at Fortune 500 companies, Margaret left corporate America to follow her true passion… coaching. In less than 4 years, she created a high-6-figure business with over 115,000 subscribers. Since then, she’s helped thousands of people from around the world to transform their lives – and become more powerful coaches – with her Breakthrough Coaching techniques.

Who is Heather E. Wilson?

Heather E. Wilson is the Director of Education at Mirasee. Drawing on her extensive background in instructional design and online course innovation, she spent the past 20+ years helping coaches worldwide build and scale profitable businesses so they can do their magic and change the world. She founded and ran a highly-popular Canadian coaching community for many years, which has now evolved into the present-day Confident Coach Community. Heather is also the author of Your Life According to You.

Who is Melinda Cohan?

Melinda Cohan is CEO of The Coaches Console, a 7-figure software, training, and coaching company that has helped more than 120,000 coaches create profitable and thriving businesses. She is also a systems expert, helping coaches automate the tedious tasks of running a business so they can focus on what they love – the actual coaching of amazing clients! Melinda is the author of the bestselling book, The Confident Coach.

Who is Lisa Bloom?

Lisa is the founder and CEO of Story Coach, a business storytelling company. Over the last 15 years, she has helped thousands of coaches grow an engaged audience and profitable, impactful business through the power of storytelling. Lisa has spoken about business storytelling in more than 15 countries around the world. She has also published two bestsellers on the topic — The Story Advantage and Cinderella and the Coach.


"[Melinda’s] continuing evolution of inspirational support for the industry of professional coaching is deeply appreciated and admired. Thank you for all you do!"

Dr. Moira Forsythe

“Lisa taught me how to develop great presentations and how to deliver my message in a clear, precise and compelling voice. The time spent was extremely interesting and very beneficial to my work.”

Tuval Chomet

CEO of Clicktale

“Heather’s ability to take your big picture dream and turn it into the easy to implement steps you need to increase your revenue is UNCANNY! Heather has helped me over & over again to scale my business!”

Susan Epstein

Highly Profitable Practice

"Thank you Margaret for the session. It's very powerful to release emotions around old stories, even if we feel we've dealt with them intellectually."

Nadine Marshall

"Melinda is such a great coach! She rocks the tech and the inner game! I want to be her when I grow up!”

Spring Pappas

“Not only is Lisa Bloom a master storyteller, but she’s also a powerful mentor. Thanks to Lisa, my speaking has blossomed, and I feel so much more comfortable on the stage. Now from the instant I connect with the audience to the very end of my presentations, I have greater command, greater connection, and the results are profound. Story helps me touch people on a much deeper level.”

Marbett Dunn

Speaker, author, and executive producer of The Having It ALL Show

“Before finding Heather, I felt like I was wandering aimlessly along, not truly knowing what or where I was going. I felt very alone, being a solopreneur. But from the first moment I spoke with Heather, I felt that she was warm and caring and very down to earth, I knew I needed to become a part of [her community], I am so glad I did!”

Barb O’Dell

It’s Your Life Coach

"Wow, I didn't expect myself to jump into your session as whole-heartedly as I did. And I didn't expect to feel all of those things coming up so reasonantly. Thank you Margaret 🧡"

Sean Shea

“Heather has created [an] amazing community of coaches. It has helped me make connections with other coaches and it broadened and deepened my network. In fact, through those connections, I’ve been introduced to a whole new marketplace.”

Diana Lidstone

The Entrepreneur’s G.P.S.

"Thank you Margaret! This session is just what I needed today!!"

Naomi Gray

Have Questions?

  • Is The Confident Coach Community right for me?

    If you’re a coach and you want to have a team of expert coaches you can turn to, then yes, this is for you! You’ll be able to grow your business faster… avoid costly mistakes… and deliver a great experience to your coaching clients, with the help of a dream team of coaching experts in your corner.

  • What exactly do I get from this community membership?

    Members will get exclusive access to 6 monthly calls with expert coaches. There are 3 monthly Ignite Your Power Breakthrough Calls on Mondays and 3 monthly Business Accelerator calls on Tuesdays.

    Plus, you can directly ask the expert coaches any questions – both on calls and in the Confident Coach Community private Slack – and they’ll happily provide you with personalized and specific feedback that you can immediately apply to your business.

  • How do the weekly group calls work?

    We’ll meet on Zoom for one hour on Mondays and Tuesdays at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern. If you have a question, you can raise your hand and we’ll call on you. If for some reason there are so many questions that we run out of time, you’ll be able to send your question via Slack.

    You’ll also get a detailed schedule that includes the featured guest experts..

  • Would I have access to call recordings?

    Yes, we will send you a link to the latest recording.

  • Who will be the guest experts on the calls?

    You’ll get to regularly work with our expert coaches Margaret Lynch Raniere of The Tapping Solution and Heather E. Wilson, Director of Education at Mirasee.

    And you will meet top-notch educators and coaching business leaders like Melinda Cohan of The Coaches Console, Lisa Bloom of Story Coach, Danny Iny of Mirasee, Abe Crystal of Ruzuku, and many more!

  • Do I have direct access to the expert coaches?

    Yes, during your group coaching sessions, you'll be able to directly ask the expert your questions. If we run out of time or you just happen to think of a question after the call is over, you can post your questions for a particular expert on the Confident Coach Community Slack, and we’ll make sure to get their answer for you.

  • Aside from the annual membership, is there a monthly membership plan?

    Yes, a monthly membership plan is available for $97/month.